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   Sunflower Dental Service is a full service dental laboratory built in Shenzhen of China since the 2010's. We have been building long-term partnerships with dentists or dental labs all over the world. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing the quality and service necessary to maximize patient and dentist satisfaction. Our goal is to provide functional and aesthetic restorations for patients. We are proud to be a valuable member of the dental team.
   Serving the dental industry for years, We have built good reputation for providing comprehensive, accurate, and high quality dental laboratory services for both private practices. At the same time, we accept outsourcing from other dental laboratories in US, EU and others. Our lab specializes in crowns and bridges, veneers, all ceramic restorations, implant, attachment, orthodontic, full and partial dentures, flexible partial, metal framework and so on.
   Now we believe it is the time for the dental industry to go digital. As a lab to serve the global, our provide our customers with the digital solutions and high-quality restorations they need to successfully evolve their dental practices to compete in the digital landscape. We are helping our customers become more efficient in their practice, significantly reduce remakes, patient chair time, and ultimately play a part in improving dental care for patients across the globe. More digital dental labs all over the world try to outsource their digital design service to us, because of our quality of service and competitive cost.
   Work with us now! You will find that your doctors and patients are happier!